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DIGITAL today refers to the rapid nature at which lives, businesses and organisations are changing. At Senso Digital, we help our clients leverage Digital Transformation through Training, Consultation and Digital Solutions. Senso Digital is a full-service digital transformation company with ample experience. Our team brings to the table over ten years of cumulative experience. Many clients choose to work with us as their preferred partner, working on multiple projects and providing digital solutions.

We are a team of business and digital transformation experts, from a diverse range of sectors, with deep, hands-on experience of ensuring our clients survive and thrive in a digitalised world, through competitive strategies, digital know-how and transformation. Our clients are corporates, small and medium enterprises and individuals who are looking to embark on a Digital Transformation journey.

Our Vision

Be a foremost Digital Transformation company in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

Consistently help individuals and organizations reposition for and within the digital economy through raising digitally transformed leaders and powering organizations to transform digitally.

Our Core Values

Senso digital core values


At Senso Digital, we partner with clients who are ready to embark on a Digital Transformation journey that will re-imagine their customer experience, operational processes and business models. Digital transformation has become a buzzword meaning very different things to different people. Our fresh and practical approach to digital transformation includes building from scratch through digital transformation training, digital transformation consultation and digital solutions.

Our mission remains to help individuals and organisations reposition themselves for the digital economy. We understand what it means to operate in a digitalised world, and we will deliver. We believe that our credibility and long-term relationships with clients as well as our systematic approach to every project are the reasons clients love working with us.

It’s time to thrive in the digital economy.

We are focused on meeting the client’s expectations through strategic and deliberate repositioning for the digital economy. Whether you are an individual looking to transform your career or team through capacity building or an organisation looking to achieve growth by reimagining customer experience, operational processes and business models, Senso Digital will deliver. 

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