How to engage your mind to succeed in the digital economy

Organisations in the digital economy are coming to realise that digital skills or digitally enabled employees are vital in the digital economy. It is more important than ever that new employees are cross-disciplined and have both hard and soft skills.  

Those who will operate in the digital economy need a new mindset to succeed. I had mentioned in previous notes on the need to unlearn traditional means of thinking and operating while focusing on building a digital mindset. 

Today, we will focus on four digital mindsets needed to succeed in the digital economy and why our certified digital transformation training program is for you.

1. Producers: These people are obsessed with the customer’s experience, digitally savvy, make strategic decisions and excel at executing.

2. Investors: They pursue a higher purpose, operate sustainably, support solutions that benefit society and develop continuously.

3. Connectors: They create partnerships to advance their ideas, build relationships and develop networks. Most salespeople adopt this mindset 

4. Explorers: These are curious and continue to learn new things. They test what they have learnt and seek inputs to make it better. 

I’m sure that you already know the mindset you intend to adopt. Next is upskilling! The technical know-how needed to fuel the mindset. 

Our digital transformation program will equip you with the digital knowledge you need. This training combined with an adopted digital mindset will help you reposition yourself and organisation in the digital economy. 

We will equip you with courses focused on digital transformation, innovation, emerging technologies and data & analytics.

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Looking forward to starting this transformation journey with you.

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