How to thrive in the digital economy.

All over the world, the pace at which economies are evolving is at an unprecedented level. Digital is playing a powerful role in all of this. COVID-19 has shown that we need not go to an office every day to get work done. This has led to the loss of jobs all over the world as different sectors have been affected. 

According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS), unemployment is at an all-time high. One deduction from the analysis by Stears Business (an online business journalism platform) is that BSc holders have it the worst. Only 40% of BSc holders in Nigeria are in full-time employment.

In situations like these, there is always a positive side. As jobs are being lost, new ones are being created. One thing we might fail to understand is that as the economy is evolving, we are beginning to have more graduates that are unemployable because they do not have the requisite skills for the digital economy. 

The digital economy is the “New Economy”. It’s an economy driven by digital computing technologies and the internet of things (IoT). This is the economy we are playing at the moment. Individuals or organizations that are yet to master what it means to thrive in the digital economy will become obsolete in the nearest future. 

Building your Digital Transformation Career

If you want to thrive in this economy, there is a place to start. It starts with transforming your mindset from analogue to digital. A digital mindset understands that digital technologies drive innovation that creates job opportunities while also fueling organisational growth. 

The second step is to build capacity through digital transformation training. When you compliment the experience and knowledge you already have, with new knowledge, you’ll be far better equipped to seize the best digital economy opportunities.

It is important to invest in yourself if you want to thrive in the digital economy. Whether you want to build capacity to move your career, business or organisation forward.

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Digital transformation is the next step!

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