Six Building Blocks To Transform Your Business For The Digital Economy

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Digital transformation is not a vague phrase bandied around by the bigger organisations or consultants. It can happen in any business. Small businesses need to transform as much as big businesses. Regardless of the business you own or manage, businesses need customers and to attract customers and retain them, you need to deliver superior customer experience.

To achieve this, you will require digital technology, data and a change in the business model.

So how do you transform your business for the digital economy? Below are simple building blocks you can adopt:

Block 1: Digital strategy

This is simply outlining your objectives to transform your business, but through the lens of digital technology. If your business is yet to adopt any form of technology, it’s important to know the role digital will play.

Block 2: Process

End to end automation of the customer’s journey or employee experience improves efficiency within the business. Prioritise internal processes that require automation. For example, changing how you document and present bills with technology or tracking projects digitally.

Block 3: Technology

Digital transformation is a foundational change in how your organisation delivers value to customers. The technology you adopt is an enabler. To start, look at areas of your business that require digitalisation. That is the use of technology to change your business model and earn new revenue. 

Block 4: Customer

How do you reach and serve them using technology? If you play in a highly competitive industry, customer experience can be a differentiator. You can adopt marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. The cloud-based apps that small software companies provide enable businesses to achieve so much more.

Block 5: Data

Data is the live-wire of any business. When analysed properly, data can be the solution to outsmarting the competition. A key advantage of adopting technology is the ability to generate data seamlessly. 

Block 6: Innovation

Embrace a culture of experimentation. Try out new ideas and test with the target audience.  

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