The Inevitable Reset Is Here – It’s Time To Embark On Your Digital Transformation Journey

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly thrive in the digital economy, while others struggle year after year?

The truth is that those who thrive are better equipped because they have invested in transforming their career and/or business for this economy.

The digital economy is the next big thing! According to the figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics in May 2020, the digital economy is already contributing significantly to Nigeria’s economic growth. Non-oil sectors combined contributed over 90% to Nigeria’s GDP in the first quarter of 2020, with the digital economy segment accounting for 14.07%.

At this stage, your focus should be on upskilling and reskilling your career and/or business. It is important that you are capable of leading and operating a team that delivers in the digital economy. This is why you need digital transformation training.

Digital transformation training is beyond learning to use a particular technology, it’s about:

Skills – It involves understanding the role that digital technology, innovation, data & analytics plays in modern organisations, especially if they are to realise the benefits of optimised productivity and return on investment. It’s time to embrace the change or be left out.

Our digital transformation program will equip you with the digital knowledge you need. This training combined with an adopted digital mindset will help you reposition yourself and organisation in the digital economy. 

We will equip you with courses focused on digital transformation, innovation, emerging technologies and data & analytics.

Download our course brochure HERE to read more about the program.

Begin your transformation journey today, click here to have a chat with me.

Looking forward to starting this transformation journey with you.

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