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In this era of rapid digital transformation, new technologies have opened up opportunities, transforming customer experiences, operating models and the work environment.

Also, there is more focus on sourcing talents with a digital mindset and capability. It is glaring that businesses and individuals lacking mastery of evolving digital technologies are in danger of becoming obsolete.

In this training, you will be equipped with what you need to transform your business and career leveraging digital transformation. The focus will be on upgrading your digital capability and making sure you are better equipped to provide value in your business or organisation.

The session’s facilitator is Richard Opara, he is a seasoned Digital Transformation Specialist. Click here to read his profile.

Are you looking to reposition your career or business for the digital economy? Then this digital transformation training is for you!
You will also be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Past Sessions


How To Win In The Digital Economy

JULY 31ST, 2020 | 4PM (WAT) | ZOOM
Facilitator: Banke Alawaye.

Banke Alawaye is a Digital Transformation Specialist and CTO at aCubed Limited. She has a background in leading Education and Technology for Development programmes, and brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience to the digital ecosystem. Click here to read her full profile.
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